Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Bungee Bouncer?

A:The Bungees are a fully adjustable, ceiling mounted spotting system that has been in use and development for over 25 years. They lift gymnasts through skills like a coach would. For example: When I spot skills like Handspring, I use my hands on the gymnast’s lower back, lifting at their center of balance. This aids them in performing new skills. By putting a spotting belt on the gymnast and attaching them to the Bungees, they act in the same manner by lifting the gymnast from their center of mass. 

Q: What skills can I work on the bungees?

A: The system works like a pendulum swing. You run forward to tumbling backward, and you run back to tumble forward. The bungees assist all levels and skills. When a gymnast is first learning a new skill, you adjust the bungees to assist more. As the gymnast builds confidence, you lower the bungees until the gymnast is doing it on the lowest setting, then the next step is taking the bungees off and doing it on the floor.

Q: Do the bungees help with mental blocks?

A: Yes! They especially help with mental blocks. Because of the bungees' progressive nature, the athlete goes through the motion by themselves in the bungees versus relying on a coach to spot. It is high repetition with low impact on the body.

Q: Can you twist on the bungees?

A: No, though, you may purchase a twisting belt on your own and attach the leg straps that I provide with the standard bungee belt. Then you can twist on the bungees.

Q: Are the bungees safe?

A: Yes, in over twenty-five years of using this system, we have seen minor injuries, carpet burns, bruises, and sprains. Though very few when the bungees are used correctly. Please reference the bungee progression and safety video. Start by using the bungees with elementary skills as you and the students become acquainted with the system.

Q: Do the bungees require maintenance?

A: The swivels start to squeak after a few months of use. If the sound bothers you, you may oil the swivels. The bungee cords begin to lose elasticity after a year or two, depending on how much you use them. At our gym, where we had over three thousand enrollments pre-COVID, we replaced the cords every 18 months.

Q: How much do replacement bungees cost?

A: $300 per set. Mail us the entire system, and we replace the bungee cord and mail back within two weeks. We reuse all the same hardware. I suggest doing this when the gym is closed for a holiday break, so you don't miss out on valuable time without the bungees. Your students will have bungee withdrawal.

Q: Can the bungee cords fail?

A: No. The rubber strands inside lose tension and stretch out over time, but it can not fail because the bands are covered in a heavy-duty encasing that is fail-safe.

Q: What is the return policy?

A: There are no returns. If modifications need to be made, please email me, and I will make the corrections.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A:Yes, the buyer pays for shipping and the website calculates the shipping cost during check out. 

Q: How long can the gymnasts stay in the bungees?

A: Lighter gymnasts can stay in 30-40 minutes. As the athletes get heavier, it becomes uncomfortable on their legs from the leg straps' pressure after approximately 25 minutes.

Q: How long does it take to get the Gymnasts in the Bungees?

A: Once you get good at putting them in, it takes 20-30 seconds. To take them out, it takes as little as 15 seconds. I set up side stations while the gymnasts wait to go in.

Q: Do insurance companies cover this activity?

A: Yes, the owners of the gym I coach for had Synder Insurance for 25 years and Snyder covered the Bungees. It's not much different from a manual spotting rig. The Gym Owners switched to Foy insurance this year and Foy also covers the Bungees.

Q: How do I adjust the bungees?

A: The beauty of the system is in its simplicity. Adjusting the system is just a matter of changing the height of the carabiner on the chain link. The higher the link, the stronger the spot will be. Reach up and grab the Bungee with your left hand and pull down. With your right hand grab the carabiner, put it through the triangular carabiner and attach it to a chain link. 

Q: How do I find the right setting?

A: When I teach a new coach to use the system, I just say “Think of it as a light, medium, or heavy spot. A light spot is the lowest setting, just the carabiner on each side. Mid Spot is the first link, and a heavy spot is the next link.” Use the second Bungee for very heavy spots. Until the coach gets used to the settings, start at the lowest and spot by hand, then increase the setting until you think that the student has the strength and consistency to perform the skill.

Q: Are there safety tips I should know?

A:Wrench-tighten all oval and triangular carabiners

-Make sure to refasten the bungees to a link out of reach after each use

-Do not let the bungee cord flip up to the ceiling

-Only the coaches are allowed to fasten and unfasten kids in and out of bungees

-It is important that all coaches are made aware of and follow the bungee progression guide

-Please use the bungees primarily as a teaching tool. Although they are a great way to motivate your students to learn new skills, it is important to focus on progressions as a priority


Please direct questions to or by cell at (213)926-2441.