My Story

The Bungee Bouncer was developed and perfected by me, Gary Johnson. A twenty-seven-year coach of North County Gymnastics and the Gyminny Kids. I have a background in Engineering and was a previous Machinist. During that time, I have perfected the system that will take your gym to the next level. From parent-tot classes to birthday parties to tumbling, cheer, acro for dance, and recreational classes. If you have the Bungees, you will have an edge on the competition and improve EVERY program you offer.

If you purchase the Bungees, you will be signing a release of liability form. In it, you will state that this is your system, and you have asked me to assemble it for you.

The lead time is 6-8 weeks. The interest for the bungee bouncer has been overwhelming, so I am doing this as a service to the gymnastics community. It has brought joy to thousands of our students over the years, and is one reason we were able to get back to black as a gym.

The cost of the bungees is based on materials plus my time at $25 an hour to build. I will be fulfilling orders outside my coaching hours.

This operation is a one-man show, so please direct questions to or by cell at (213)926-2441.


Gary Johnson
Long time Coach and Bungee Engineer