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 Gary Johnson has worked for the company for nearly twenty-eight years. In that time, he has created and perfected a system that works for all ages and abilities. Each year, Gary finds a way to make the Bungees a little better. The bungees will change your life!


 I am a business owner, gymnastics judge, coach, parent of five kiddos, all of whom do gymnastics, and former gymnast. My wife and I competed for the same club growing up, so gymnastics is in our blood. Over the years, I have seen spotting and bungee rigs but nothing as reliable, safe, and easy to use. It is by far the student's favorite thing to do when they come to class. 


I've listed twenty five reasons we love bungees here at North County Gymnastics & the Gyminny Kids.


  1. High repetition with low impact on the body.
  2. The weight is adjustable, so it starts as a big help, and you lower the self-adjusting clip until it's less help, and the student is doing it with minimal bungee assistance.
  3. The kids love it!
  4. It saves coaches from spotting common tumbling passes and new skills.
  5. If you need to spot in the bungees for first-time skills, there is an easy way to do so. Please refer to the bungee progression video.
  6. During COVID, it keeps the students' distanced as well as the coaches as they do not have to spot.
  7. The bungees are helpful for all ages and abilities: backward rolls, bridge kick overs to back handsprings double back, and the list goes on.
  8. Bungees are great way to get past mental blocks.
  9. Bring floor beams or laser beams under the bungees for beam acro and high-level connections.
  10. Bungees are a fun way to tire out hyperactive kids (that's all kids).
  11. Use as a reward system. Work hard, go in the bungees the last 20 min of class.
  12. Improves the quality of any tumbling and trampoline class.
  13. A great way to sell birthday parties. We use the bungees as an upgrade. During birthday parties, we do less gymnastics and more launching them back and forth and stunting the kiddos over the coach's heads. The kids can't get enough.
  14. The bungees are used for parent-tot classes to our highest level teams. All levels love them.
  15. It gives you an advantage over the gyms who do not have the bungees.
  16. You will increase enrollments with the bungees.
  17. The system is very safe. We have had few injuries and no significant injuries using the bungees.
  18. Your spotting coaches will thank you.
  19. Bungee private lessons are popular, which is added income for both the gym and the coach holding the lesson.
  20. The cost is low, considering the added value and minimal maintenance.
  21. The Bungees are ideal for special needs classes. Those who can not walk can jump in the bungees. The swinging and gentle bouncing movements are therapeutic and calming.
  22. You may place the bungees over a trampoline as long as you pull them out of the way when not in use.
  23. You can place half your class in the bungees if you purchase four bungees. If you purchase eight, your whole class can go in at the same time. At our gym, we have 10 over the floor and if we have larger groups, some work on drills off to the side or we build an obstacle for preschool and birthday parties until it's their turn to go in.
  24. Cheerleaders love the Bungees!
  25. Did I mention acro for dance?


We hope you love the bungees as much as we do. The bungees are a game changer and is one reason we were able to get to 3000 enrollments per week in a single location precovid.


The Bungee Bouncer Pro is Gary's gig, so I will leave the questions about the system to him, but if you have questions for a gym owner or director that has the bungees at their facility, you may email me: DanielGundert@yahoo.com


Happy Bouncing!


Daniel Gundert

North County Gymnastics and the Gyminny Kids

Founder @ D&M Leotards

Social Media accounts found @GyminnyKids and @DMleotards