One complete Bungee Bouncer system
One complete Bungee Bouncer system
One complete Bungee Bouncer system
One complete Bungee Bouncer system

One complete Bungee Bouncer system

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Comes with everything you need to get started, Including the full bungee system, belt with custom leg straps and ceiling hardware.

The Bungee Bouncer was developed and perfected by me, Gary Johnson. A twenty-seven-year coach of North County Gymnastics and the Gyminny Kids. I have a background in Engineering and was a previous Machinist. During that time, I have perfected the system that will take your gym to the next level. From parent-tot classes to birthday parties to tumbling, cheer, acro for dance, and recreational classes. If you have the Bungees, you will have an edge on the competition and improve EVERY program you offer.

The Bungees are equipped with military-grade bungee cord and top of the line rope climbing and tumbling materials.  Four Bungees can fit across a 40x40ft floor. The system works like a pendulum. There must be greater than 9 feet of space in front and behind the hang points to allow for forward and backward movement. The bungees work for children twenty-five pounds to 150 lbs. If you would like the Bungees to accommodate 150-225 lbs, there is a $300 surcharge for each bungee system. The bungee cords are self-adjusting to themselves, which makes adding or subtracting weight very quick and easy. It also makes hanging them out of the way a breeze. Pull the cord down and hook it to itself, and the bungee cord is out of the way. Jump up to grab them when needed. We use a rope to run through the bungees to pull them aside when the high-level gymnasts are tumbling

Once purchased, you will be signing a release of liability form. The form includes a portion stating that this is your system, and you have asked me to assemble it for you.

Included after purchase will be two videos. The first is a safety and progressions video. The second is a how-to install the bungees in your gym. If you know how to attach a rope or rings to the ceiling, you can attach the bungees; it is very simple.

Once you place an order, we will send you an email within 48 hours.

1) Please respond to the email with the height of the ceiling (hang points), what kind of points you will be attaching to (I-beam, pipe, or wood beams), and include a picture, and I will customize the hardware for your specific ceiling. I customize the bungees for any ceiling height.

2) There are two sizes of belts. Small and Large. I make custom, padded leg straps for the belts. A small Step-In belt fits gymnasts with 18"-28" waists. Large Step-In Tumbling Belt fits gymnasts with 24"-36" waists. In the email, please respond with which size belts you would like. You can mix and match sizes if you purchase multiple systems.

To summarize the order process. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1.) Purchase the bungees through the website.
2.) Please wait to receive an email from me, 24-48 hours.
3.) Reply to the email with a picture of your ceiling, the height of your hang points, and which size belt/s you would like. There will be a link to an e-sign release of liability. If you would like an upgraded bungee rig (an additional $300 per bungee system) to accommodate larger students, 150-225 lbs, please specify in the email. At our gym, we have ten bungee systems over one floor, half of them are capable of accommodating heavier students, and the other five are the standard bungees.

Please send questions to or call (213)926-2441

The lead time is 6-8 weeks. The interest in the bungee bouncer has been overwhelming, so I am doing this as a service to the gymnastics community. It has brought joy to thousands of our students over the years and is one reason we were able to get back to black as a gym.

The cost of the bungees is based on materials plus my time at $25 an hour to build. I will be fulfilling orders outside my coaching hours.


Gary Johnson
Long time Coach and Bungee Engineer